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About Us

Pastor's Personal Welcome

I greet you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your interest in our ministry and joining many others who are searching the World Wide Web for ministries to support their spiritual needs and concerns.

I pray that this website will be able to assist you as a valuable tool in your pursuit of a closer relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. 

It is an honor and very exciting to minister to you with information being shared on Praise Fellowship’s Website. Whether your search is to know about salvation through Jesus Christ, or about what Praise Fellowship offers the new Christian, the mature Christian, or the unsaved, we hope that you will find what you need to either begin your relationship or continue your journey. 

Praise Fellowship has over 30 years of ministry in the city of Oakland, California and has been recognized as one of the leading ministries from our former governor Arnold Swarchnegger and our U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein.

Take all the time you need to view each page and if there is still a need for assistance, do not hesitate to call or email the ministry, we would be glad to hear from you.

In His Service, 
John M. Clark, Jr., Senior Pastor



We, as Praise Fellowship Christian Church are committed to bring LIFE, Love, Involvement, Fellowship, and Education to our church, community, and city.
We are believing, according to our faith, to walk in victory in every area of our lives, through Prayer, Witnessing, & Support.
We believe that our men are to be mighty men of valor; that our women are to be loved, respected, and cherished; and that our children are to be loved, nurtured and trained to be God’s Little Soldiers.
We believe that the men, women, and children of this ministry will be seen as families...united together in holiness, serving the Lord our God as He has ordained.
We are believing to expand, to enlarge our tent, to go into our neighborhoods, communities and city to bring the message of Jesus Christ to all who will listen.

Meet The Team

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